Continuing training

Training in career guidance for 3-4 – year students

Educational programs at the beginner’s level:

  • "Fundamentals of business”
  • "How to organize your business”
  • "Fundamentals of the securities market”
  • Money and banks
  • Foreign language (English, Chinese, German, Spanish)
  • "Sberbank Onl@in"

Educational programs at the advanced level:

  • "Interbank markets and interbank relations”
  • "Taxes and taxation”
  • “Business English”

Center for ethic and aesthetic development of the personality

Students Scientific Society:

  • "Career path”
  • "Management”
  • "Psychology of management”
  • "Economic theory”
  • "Economics and Finance"
  • "Banking risks: assessment and management"
  • "Economic analysis and securities“
  • "Technology of effective management communications”
  • "Psychology of management and organizational adaptation"