Development Program

Innovative Development Program of the college is aimed at strategic partnership with employers and professional associations. It allows to join educational projects with the Association of Regional Banks (Association "Russia"), the Moscow International Currency Association (MICA) to implement the programs of additional professional education for students, bank employees and specialists in economics, according to the qualifications of graduates of the banking community within the Centre of professional qualifications of the financial industry. Together with the Moscow Savings Bank of Russia a project of creating of training internal bank division has been implemented with the aim of improving customer service skills, simulation of professional situations, learning the corporate ethics. The training internal division of a bank is a part of the College Center of professional qualifications. It consists of several educational areas: the reception area for primary consultations of clients; banking service area for individuals; banking service area for legal entities; area for selling of banking services; cash servicing area for clients; area for workshops, discussions and analysis of the internal division activities. All operator`s positions are equipped with computers, connected with the network. The educational versions of the college`s social partners are used in training of banking skills. The joint innovative educational programs enable to organize work of the college as an operator of Moscow professional educational system in the direction of "Development of Moscow as an international financial services center."