Socialization is the process of human integration into society through the assimilation of social norms and the development of social roles. Through socialization social adaptation is achieved, and from this point of view, socialization can be regarded as the acquisition of human social and economic independence. As discussed with other positions, socialization can be understood as cognitive development or moral development of the individual (in the appearance of the resulting conscious value system). Teaching - is also an important factor of socialization, along with reading, family relations or interactions in groups.

Recent changes which have occurred in the understanding of education contribute to convergence concepts of socialization and education. Competence and design approaches are focused on the idea of ​​continuous education throughout students’ lives because they are learning from their own successes and mistakes. Education is seen more as a formation of the person, and not as a storage of media. A feature of secondary vocational education is its aiming at developing competencies of graduates, which allows the one be included in the professional activity. Therefore, professional socialization can be considered the main function of vocational education.

Professional socialization is an integral process of mastering the special knowledge, skills, social, communicative and professional standards aimed at social adaptation of the person and his integration into the professional and market environment, the performance of professional functions, and maintaining professional and social competitiveness. Factors of formation of professional socialization are: training, practice, interaction within groups, design and research activities, social activities, etc. The criteria of success of professional socialization of graduates can be considered, for example, the following: the presence of motivation to the specific type of professional activity, the presence of and development of professionally important qualities, formation of professional competence and professional thinking in the course of training for self-executed projects.