Language centre

In March 2016, the college opened a linguistic center, a structural subdivision.

The purpose of the Language Centre is to increase the competitive advantage of the educational institutions and to create conditions for the formation of foreign language skills, as well as regional studies and intercultural competence of students.

Forms and techniques used to study a foreign language are to realize one’s potential – teachers use activity approach, which, in turn, contributes to the formation and development of:

a) a multicultural linguistic personality, able to carry out a productive dialogue with other cultures;

b) the ability of students to carry out various activities, using a foreign language;

c) cognitive abilities of students;

d) their readiness for self-development and self-education.

The educational process is based on a blended learning model (Blended Learning), which helps to effectively combine traditional forms of education and new technologies. Specificity of "Foreign Language" discipline determines the need for greater use of new educational technologies, although the traditional (reproductive) methods are used to transfer a certain amount of knowledge and the formation of basic skills practice with predominantly frontal forms of work, are also helping to implement a number of tasks.

Key areas of language center is the organization of cultural and outdoor events, conducting classes in the framework of additional education, according to the program, carrying out activities within the framework of additional education, according to the program, the organization of internal and external activities in the framework of career guidance, participate in competitions and conferences, organization of summer language circles, as well as cooperation with the international Cricket Association.