The center of the moral and aesthetic personality development

‘The center of the moral and aesthetic personality development’ is able to realize the programme of developmental education at college which has an aim of development of students’ creativity throughout the organization of the work of creative studios, competitions among the groups of students and the training actions.

The college vocal studio allows students to practice the art of vocal and chorus singing. These classes make students more communicable, open and active. Singing allows developing cultural and music skills and also contributes to general personality development. It unifies the singing students making the whole singing collective. The classes are organized in small groups which allows the participants to take part in the ensemble and solo singing. This means that the individual approach to every participant of the vocal studio allows them to be confident in practicing the new kind of activity. ‘The main purpose of the theatrical studio is to discover and develop the talent in the student. It goes without saying that for this the one should HELP the TALENT to grow and shouldn’t be against it’. The theatrical studio successfully works in our college. The classes allow to find the new angles in the personalities of the young actors and actresses and to reveal the talents which were unnoticed before. Classes of acting skills and scene speech which are included in the studio programme help to overcome being shy in front of the public. The students are taught to communicate and study rhetoric. The course of the scene movement develops dexterity and coordination. Young people learn about the history of the theatre and the secrets of success. The work results of the studio are plays and little sketches which are the perfect opportunity for the students to express themselves. The presentation of the valuable results of the cooperation in the educational space includes the wins in contest and creative festivals of the students and teachers of the additional courses. Among them are: the wins in the festival ‘The creativity of the youth’ in nominations: ‘Vocal skills’, ‘The art of the theatre’, ‘The works of literature’, the wins the festival ‘The young talents of Moscow’, the win in the open festival of the children’s and youth theatres ‘Art lyceum’.