The Museum of College “The Binding Thread of Moscow History”

The college’s museum ‘The binding thread of the Moscow history’.
The college museum which was opened in May of 1990 is an important part of the learning process and the center of the training process. It helps to form students’ practical skills of patriotic, civic and research activity. On the 30th of 1995 the museum got the certificate and the status of the school museum. Among main expositions of the museum are ‘Moscow and Muscovites’ which presents the history of the district where the college was situated during the period of 1976-2011, ‘The years burnt by the war’ about the period of the Great patriotic war when in the college building (earlier school №611) the battalion 318 of MPVO of Rostokinsky (now Krasnoselsky) district of Moscow and the special hospital №3406 were situated. The other exposition is dedicated to the history of the professional education of college and to the history of the college itself. The basic directions of the museum’s work are presented in the both museum and educational programme called ‘Forming of personality traits of future professionals by the means of museum pedagogic’. Among the forms of the museum’s work are lessons of courage, thematic evenings, conferences, contests, projects, excursions. The valuable results of the college students and the head of the museum collaboration in the educational process are represented in the results of numerous contests which were won by them: the city contest ‘The goblet of heroes’, state competition called ‘Moscow on the way to the world culture’ and the city museum and historical olympiad.